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I see that the bridge works on Station Rd N22 are over running. Sign says 8 months from March 21st but it's now into its 9th month and it appears that only two thirds of the work has been completed. To be honest I've very rarely seen anyone on this site. Occasionally you may see a couple of workers standing around seemingly doing nothing but that is rare. Most of the time, day or night it is devoid of anyone actually doing any work there at all. If this bridge work and its temp traffic lights wasn't causing traffic chaos around the area it wouldn't really matter. Anyone have any idea whats going on because at this rate it won't be finished until next spring. 

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I've been walking over the bridge quite a bit in the last few months & they have been moving forward e.g. opening one carriageway, demolishing the old bridge on the other carriageway etc. This morning there were edge stones going up on the carriageway where they've just built a new bridge section. I reckon they will be resurfacing it pretty soon. They are running late, but it is getting done...



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