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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

HoL's Twitter page was followed by a bridge over the weekend.


More here.

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It should say welcome to the Green Lanes money-laundering centre. Leave your blacked out Range Rover outside the PKK headquarters.

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That is all.


So let me just check I've understood the forum rules here . . . it's OK to post offensive rubbish like the above, but it's not OK to claim the writer of the offensive rubbish is (deleted by site admin). Am I correct?


Is it acceptable to claim that the writing itself is idiotic?

Or are there are other preferred words one should use?

I think it's called freedom of speech or something.. I can't remember exactly.

See also sarcasm and satire.

Just the other day I saw a group of teenage girls coming out of the jewellery shop closest to the bridge in question. One of them had a banner with Ocalan's face draped around her shoulders. Know where you live. That is all.

I think freedom of speech involves being able to call something - or someone - stupid if that's the way it seems to you, personally. I don't know a definition of it that involves removing such comments. I'm cool with forum rules, just wanted to understand them. Don't really think there's much moral high ground to be had in proclaiming your right to make short-sighted sweeping generalisations dressed up as penetraing political insight though.


As for "knowing where I live", I'm very aware of exactly where it is I find myself residing thanks. Indeed, the vibrancy and diversity of the area is one of the things that draw me to the area.


I don't see how making crass comments about the area being little more than a PKK money-laundering locale helps anyone here, Yan. It perpetuates the stereotypes of the area, it's lazy, and it panders to the kind of paranoia that I personally fail to see the need for.


As for support for Ocalan . . . well, it's hardly surprising, is it, given the number of people round here from Kurdish backgrounds?

And after this wonderful exchange we'll close things down here.
For anyone who's truly interested, the what-goes rules are clearly laid out for all to see. Just think play the ball not the man, Hugh. Site admin's action doesn't imply an endorsement of the views expressed.
Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.



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