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does anyone know how much faster Virgin is compared to BT? Virgin nearly doubled their monthly price, so we are looking to go back to BT but it seems Virgin is a lot faster?

Thanks, M 

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Virgin is about twice the speed as BT's cheapest superfast service, but if you're only doing a bit of browsing and streaming you're probably not actually going to notice that - BT's service should be plenty fast enough. If you're doing more heavy duty stuff then it might be relevant. 

You can get an estimate of BT's speed here: https://www.bt.com/broadband/fibre/

Says 2-5Mb for me, which is laughable.

Most likely it doesn't think you can get superfast broadband for some reason (assuming you live locally it's probably an error in their address database because anyone in Harringay should be able to get it). I get about 50Mbps on BT superfast broadband. 

I get 50 Mb on BT too.

Is that with a cable or Wifi?

My 50 is via wifi

It's an ethernet connection to the router.

Just ran a WiFi test on an iPad for my BT service.  Results below.  One of the issues seems to be reliability though, and Virgin doesn’t get that good a rating historically from users here on HoL.

Wifi speedtest on my ipad with Virgin service.  Regarding reliability of Virgin, I am OK with them, the only issues I have had recently (September 2018) was when the internet went very slow - the matter was resolved by re-booting the computer and router.

iPad - Virgin speed c.10:50, 19.05.2019

BT can secure their infrastructure. Virgin can't even be bothered to lock their street cabinets.

Depends where you are. Where I am on the ladder the fastest BT broadband on offer (5Mb/s) is twenty times slower than the slowest Virgin package (100Mb/s). (A few streets to either side the BT speed is much faster {40Mb/s} but there seems to be some blackspots).

The difference between 40Mb/s and 100Mb/s isn't huge (unless you download a lot of large files, game on a modern console/computer or have a lot of people streaming video, etc) but if you're in one of the spots where you're only getting 5Mb/s with BT I wouldn't go with them.

Virgin reliability seems to vary depending where you are as well. I've rarely had any problems over 10 years, other people on here seem to have countless issues.

My first step would be phoning Virgin, threatening to leave and seeing what deal you can get.



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