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Any local councillors around today that can help with a noise pollution problem? It's 9.20am on Easter Sunday and building contractors are drilling and banging away at Orange Day nursery on Willoughby Road. They were there all day Good Friday until 6.45pm as well. Normally building work wouldn't bother us but it's a Bank Holiday weekend, the noise is horrendous and according to Haringey Council there should be NO major construction work on Bank Holidays/Sunday. Tried to ring council out of hours but it's not ringing through to noise team.

Any suggestions about who to complain to?

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Copied from google search:

Noisy neighbour faces the music. ... To report a noise nuisance call 020 8489 1335 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or 020 8489 0000 (out of hours). For more information on what is classed as 'noise nuisance' visit the noise control page.29 Jan 2016

hope it helps!

Thanks Margie, we've already rung those numbers but the calls aren't going through to the duty officers. We've filled in the online form as well.

I have spoken to the builders, who are really nice chaps. They're following orders to get stuff done during Easter regardless of council rules - but in my view replacing some decking in the back garden doesn't come under emergency works!

Great time to do some much needed work.

When else would you suggest they do it? Midweek when all the children are around?

Builders can be prosecuted and fined £5k for undertaking noisy work outside of the permitted hours. If the nursery needs work done then perhaps they should close on a working day. Have an INSET day. 

Well clearly the work is taking longer than a day to do. I’m merely suggesting that it might be the nursery attempting not to cause lots of parents a total nightmare arranging childcare for 2,3 or 4 days midweek. Nor suggesting it’s pleasant hearing building work but sometimes needs must. 

I understand very well the issues with parents losing childcare - our child attended OD. However, lots of nurseries close for a week in the summer and I'm pretty sure OD still does too. The work could've been done then - the builder told me they were replacing decking on one side of the open space at the back, which doesn't sound like an emergency repair that needed to be done at 9am on Easter Sunday.

But I doubt building decking counts as "major construction work" - I imagine thats more targeted at actual building sites etc. Lots of people would do that sort of project at a weekend, and I don't think that's unreasonable. 

The same rules apply to DIY, albeit with a bit more flexibility. 

Yes but I suspect the extra flexibility is applied pretty broadly for this sort of thing. I very much doubt that people are being routinely fined £5,000 for building decking on a Sunday and personally I think that's fine. 



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