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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Walking home on West Green Road last night I saw the shutters up on what was the stylish Italian restaurant, Buonissimo, that shut last year...

Getting closer I noticed a sign (picture attached) saying it's to reopen on the 1st October - the owners list themselves as Anima e Cuore...

Being nosey (and excited that there will be a cool restaurant at the end of my road again) I googled the names... apparently Anima e Cuore is a very successful Italian in Kentish Town with rave reviews...  


Now it's not confirmed it's the same people but I reckon it's more than likely.

What with the Nile having a complete refurbishment and reopening as a Bulgarian restaurant at some point in September as well as the old faithful Autograf still pulling in the punters, all of a sudden the Turnpike Lane end of West Green Road is bursting into life.

Can you tell I'm excited!

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Thanks for the link!

As for pubs, i haven't been there yet but the new manager at the Lord Palmerston seems to be working very hard to bring the place up to scratch, and they serve Loven Presents pizza, which is absolutely delicious. It's just a short walk from West Green Road on Philip Lane.

I agree!  It's great that people are moving in and opening new, good restaurants and cafes.  I just meant that perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a potential new arrival isn't what it could have been, because WGR isn't quite yet a destination for foodies. 

We know what you meant, Charlotte, and you are quite right, we are just being overzealous and sensitive to any criticism.

Coz we love West Green!

Er, Anima E Cuore is in Kentish Town not Camden and while not meaning to be rude, Kentish Town used to be (at least) grot central. Granted West Green Road is not Knightsbridge but then neither is Kentish Town Road and yet in recent years some decent places have opened up. It's still Kentish Town though..!

Er, interesting to note that Mustapha refers to it as Camden. So it is appropriate to honour the maestro by reflecting his language.

Maestro or not, his restaurant is in Kentish Town unless Camden Town is growing and the Town is shrinking. Of course an establishment may *claim* to be somewhere slightly different but that don't change the geography I'm afraid. And if Corbin and King opened an eatery opposite the Salisbury and said on their website it was in Crouch End you'd have something to say about it ;-)

I think they can get away with calling that end of Kentish Town Road Camden.

I'm still mourning the loss of Two Doors Down... some of the best coffee and food in the area.

A breathless build-up of passione and awesomeness, only to plunge anima e cuore into a carsmash and weeks of emotional lamentation in its wake.

Sounds like Lady Di on steroids alright. Buonissima!


truly devastated... I was already planning my birthday meal there... 

Just semantics I guess. I think high-end implies some wankiness, that these guys seem keen to avoid.
Food worth traveling for has to exist before it becomes a destination!
I think A&C have identified that niche rather than waiting for something to happen.

"if you build it they will come"



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