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I've just had a copy of the following advice from the police, and thought it best to pass it on immediately. My apologies if the police or anyone else have already posted it on HoL.



Distraction Burglaries - Haringey Borough

Haringey Police would like to advise you all of a couple of distraction burglaries in Fairfax Road N8.

These occurred on consecutive days and the descriptions are very similar. It seems on both these occasions Asian gold seems to be targeted.

Should anyone knock on your door and pertain to be from the 'waterboard' or such like (incidentally waterboard is a term no longer used by them) please do not let anyone in without confirming with your supplier that they have sent someone to carry out any checks.

Take the persons ID card and go and check BEFORE you let anyone in, trust me if they are not genuine they will not be there when you return.

I would also encourage you to call us, we would also like to speak to any suspicious persons trying to gain entry to your home.

I would ask everyone to be vigilant and take a read of the following advice.

The descriptions of the, on this occasion males: 2 x white males Approx age 20-25 years 1 chubby build and 1 slim build, high viz jacket English accent 'cockney' Clean shaven, mousy brown hair. If in doubt, call us out.

A distraction burglary is: An instance of gaining access to a property under false pretenses, with the intention of committing theft.

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Thanks, David. 

Is Asian Gold better than Red Rocky? (What is Asian Gold?)

I gather the cops are referring not to a superior strain of Cannabis Indica but rather the tendency for (South) Asian families to have a lot of gold at home.

[Don't look at me, I barely have loose change in the house].

My facetious (but good natured) reply has assumed that there was some kind of typo in David's post. Are they really saying that the distraction burglaries were targeting cannabis? Surely not.

No, no I was joking, I really think they mean gold owned by Asians :)


 But I say do not take the persons id card because you would then have to open your door to them???



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