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I recently saw this article in the council magazine put through our doors in December that they had fined Taksim Bistro Cafe on Green Lanes over £2k for flytipping.

Also, I saw and reported Petrou Law Partnership (PLP) for flytipping - they left out unbagged rubbish on the pavement. The council confirmed back to me that they have been issued with a fine.

I personally won't be using either of these businesses, as I don't want to give my custom to people who don't care about improving the local environment (and are actively ruining it).

I would also love to hear about other businesses who have been caught flytipping - I only want to support businesses who care about their local community!

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The council publishes a list of enforcement action. Sadly it doesn't name the businesses though

I think it  sometimes does name them Alice.

Thank you!

Some other councils do (Barking and Dagenham do a “Caught in Camera” from CCTV for instance). As well as dumping there’s also using the pavement as an extension of the shop. Really gets my goat.

Where I grew up used to do a big name and shame of fare dodgers on the local metro. I've suggested to the council but haven't got a response

Michael, re pavement extensioning - the  corner shop at Umfreville and Green Lanes has just finished rebuilding its fruit & veg display so that there's a lot less incursion onto the pavement - I wonder if Haringey's licensing team have paid a visit with a tape measure.  It reduced the quantity of boxes further narrowing the pavement a couple of years ago, looking at older posts.

And I think this is the tip of the iceberg of businesses that fly tip on green lanes.

It's one of many reasons why i just won't shop or eat there.

Ya makes ya bed....

You honestly won’t shop or eat anywhere on,or in Green Lanes because some businesses fly tip on their own doorstep. Perhaps you can convince some of your friends and neighbours to boycott Green lanes with you. That will almost certainly help the situation. I mean there’s no point keeping your protest silent is there. 

I reported a local business for fly tipping recently. The council were pretty useless and tardy about getting back to me and have now asked me if I could draft my own witness statement. Presumably because they can’t be bothered. In that vein, I’m not sure I will bother reporting anyone again in future. 

Oh no please continue. I'm also fed up of the amount of time I spend reporting dumped litter but I keep going as I want the area to look better (and action taken against those who destroy it)

totally agree. I wish they made it easier though. I have two young children and I just don’t have time to sit and draft my own witness statement! 

Maybe this is something that could be brought up at the next LCSP meeting? I'll have a word. Agree - need to make it as easy as possible



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