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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Looks like renovations are almost complete... any idea what it's going to be?

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Oops! Yes, Wimpey are the construction firm!


N4  is a good cafe and the owner works hard, though i can't go in there any more as they have the 24 news quite loudly on the TV - not my idea of a relaxing lunch these days i'm afraid...

Agree, but I went in there the other day as I was in a rush and the fried breakfast was horrible. Back to Green Lanes Cafe....clean food and adorable staff..

You must have caught them on a bad day.  I've always found the food in N4 to be of a consistently high standard.  Good sized portions.  Nice staff.  It's our café of choice after Finsbury Park rambles.

Called a Wimpey Bender I believe. Never had one.
You ain't lived Jimbo! Their relationship to actual sausages was debatable.

I like Green Lanes Cafe....nice staff...

Cheers, might actually check them out as it's closer than Andy's recommendation.

N4 is great!

Really miss Cafe Lemon and looking forward to its return. There's definitely a space in the market for somewhere serving a decent fry up that's somewhere between greasy spoon and Blend. Also, much as i love Blend, Jam in a Jar, Moka etc. - it will be good to have slightly cheaper options available.

I've tried N4 and liked it a lot, but the decor is a little on the depressing side - and whilst they were incredibly welcoming, it wasn't the easiest place to go with a 2 year old.



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