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Cafe Tramp farewell, replacement will be Izmir restaurant & meze bar

At the moment no interior changes are apparent. Hat tip to Nick Michael for the spot.

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Sushi Heads is great and they've started doing seasonal specials - for instance yesterday they sold Ehomaki which you eat for luck the evening before the first day of Spring. It's nice to learn a bit of Japanese culture too!

A bit further along Philip Lane, Big Bowl Noodle is great.

Another vote for Big Bowl Noodle. Went there again last night. Excellent food and great value.

Try the Salt and Chilli squid for starter and soup noodles for main.

Only just seen this but have to say it's no surprise

Doing something different is fine but when you're going for high-end you have to make it worth the money

The guy spent what seemed like 18 months doing it up then made a mess of the basics - food, service - when he opened it.

it needed to be spot on right from the start to have a hope but tfell a long way short and he was playing catchup after that

Regrettably only too true, admired his passion/ vision but in the end it’s about the food.

As some of you may have noticed Izmir’s windows are now covered with newspaper. On Monday I saw a guy with an ankle tag going in and out, so undoubtedly another underwhelming incarnation is on the horizon...

haha really? Well I am all for criminals being rehabilitated... so good to hopefully see one in work then...

Haldun did a great job on the interior and whatever the final outcome of his restaurant, we should all be thankful for his rescuing a building that had indeed fallen on hard times. Before Haldun, it was a very dodgy business.

Hahaha that’s entirely fair. Had only heard of its previous life as a ‘sauna.’ You are right the building does stands out in the context of the plastic signage on Green Lanes. Long may it last.

Something told me that when the late Nilgun finally enforced the closure of my favourite brothel on Tramps Corner and newspapered its windows for years that it would eventually be vending stale meat at exorbitant prices. Skewered!

Le voici.



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