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Hi ya

Im looking for a local venue/room/area for my daughters birthday on a Wednesday after School - she goes to chestnuts, so nowhere not too far from school. 4-6pm. (No later)

Ive asked in Chestnuts community centre, salvation army (now closed) but trying to think of another place.  Dont want to hold it in a restaurant.

If you have some ideas, please share - thanks so much.

x marika

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Kurdish centre, in the gardens ????

Will check it out - thanks for the idea!!


St John Vianney Hall, front room at Woodlands (Community room)?

Woodlands won't let the community room during the week, Julie.  I thought about asking the school (Chestnuts) but I think the same is true of them.

Rats that would have been very good! x

Try Ding Dongs at Selby Centre - it's an adventure playground space in Tottenham at a community centre with a play bus

ohh forgot about this one.  Another time perhaps - I would prefer walking distance from the school x thanks for the idea

OK I understand

Have you tried the Salisbury?

That was my first thought but it opens at 5pm I think.... just want the kids to come straight from school - otherwise waiting an hour or so would put um off.. thanks! I had daughters 2nd bday in the pub


They have a big private room for hire, I heard it is very inexpensive too, and available all day.

Falkland centre, by North Harringay School



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