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Hi there,

We have just bought a victorian terraced house which needs damp proofing in N4.

Can anyone recommend a firm?

Has anyone previously used Garratts or Refresh?

I would love to hear any reviews. Tips on who to avoid are welcome too!


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Hi used central conservation and found this to be good. They are on Gren Lanes and got good reviews on here and do a free assessment, although I was reccomended to get an independent survey so that I knew exactly what the problem was, so not reliant on companies selling me dampproofing I didn’t need! I went with Jason Mahoney, independent damp proof specialist

good luck! It’s not cheap! 

Thanks for your thoughts!

I used Abbotts Damp Proofing - David Prince is a no nonsense type, who'll tell you how it is!  He's a "what he doesn't know ain't worth knowing" kind of guy.....


Another Abbotts fan here. We needed to find out about three separate areas of damp in our home - it turned out that none required damp proofing treatment, and all are doing fine many years later. You pay a one off fee for their visit.

Having previously lived in a flat that had been treated by one of the large damp proofing firms, I would never go down the route of getting them round for a 'free' inspection - definitely worth paying money up front and getting some more impartial advice. 

Go with an independent damp expert to assess the problem. In nearly all cases, the damp proofing injection stuff is a total waste of time and money. In Victorian houses, damp coming up from the ground is usually caused by a breach of the damp proof course or a lack of ventilation. 

Worth checking out damp specialist surveyor Peter Ward's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/stibnite11/videos?disable_polymer=1 before risking calling in any "damp wallys" as he likes to call some damp-proofing firms.

Thanks - I will take a look!

Seconded regarding Pete Ward - he knows his stuff and it's useful to be reasonably well-informed about the possible causes and solutions before you shell out thousands on work that may do little to help or even make the problem worse.

If the problem is quite localised there may be an issue with the building (e.g. leaky plumbing, high external ground levels, broken guttering or drainage, insufficient floor void ventilation) or perhaps a buildup of moisture-attracting salts in areas of brickwork which happens particularly around chimneys and anywhere which have been exposed to groundwater for an extended period.

If the issue is more widespread, e.g. mould in various areas particularly along the bottom of external walls, you may find that improving ventilation will fix it. Victorian and Edwardian houses are generally not well suited to being fully draught-proofed and sealed. Make sure there's a working fan in the bathroom - humidistat types are best as they will run for as long as it takes to bring the humidity down to normal levels. Use a cooker hood (or extractor fan) that vents to the outside to stop the kitchen from steaming up. Equally, drying laundry indoors releases huge amounts of moisture into the air which needs to have a way out or it's likely to condense on cold surfaces. Modern heat pump tumble driers are surprisingly cheap to run, if you have the space for one.

Hi Tris,

Thanks for all the really useful info. 

Our surveyor told us to increase the ventilation, sort out the gutters and lower the external ground levels so we will be doing all of this as part of the work. As you guessed, we do also have a problem with a chimney which needs to be addressed.

Our problem is that our mortgage company is involved in the process as they have put a retention on these works. We planned to do the chemical damp proofing to satisfy them.... based on the Peter Ward approach this may be a mistake. 

Not sure how to proceed now! 

I guess the mortgage company would normally be looking to receive confirmation of remedial work backed by a guarantee, but they may settle for a further survey if you can get one giving the all clear after the works you've mentioned?



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