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We have a mini due for a service, but the Mini we bought it from want around £330 for a basic service... so recommendations would be amazing thanks!



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I use Terry's garage 732 Seven Sisters Rd, London N15 5NH 020 8800 8862, he's a member of the good garage scheme - hes always been fair

Thanks so much PT!

We have been going to a very honest and reasonable garage for years.  It's in N16, St Andrews Grove.

You need to give the phone time to get answered: 020 8802 2164.

Thanks Marian - what's the name of the company? Or website?

It's George's Garage, at the north end of St Andrews Grove.  Not a website kind of operation!

Thanks Marian!

G and N on Wightman are also pretty straightforward and reasonable prices.

Thanks Philip... after all the recommendations... I hope I'll be able to get in! haha

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