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(another new river photo post ... )

Beautiful evening on the Harringay New River path tonight

Walking along I saw something I'd never seen there before - a group of youths sitting on the bank and then one or two of them jumped in for a swim. Beautiful evening for a swim. In not too long there were quite a lot of police. By the time I got to the Hampden Rd end lots of police cars, an ambulance, and some other youths watching from the bridge making funny comments about the police running along the new river path. Apparently police are supposed to be able run a mile in 10 minutes, and they wondered if this lot looked like they could do that. So it got me wondering if I could do a mile in 10 minutes?

Measuring on Google Maps its this simple course - start at that big house on Wightman Rd, down and along the New River path, out and down Hampden Rd to the Harringay Passage, along the passage to Allison Rd, then up Allison Rd and across Wightman and back to the big house.

I just gave it a try, not really a runner so a more of a brisk walk, bit hot by the end - 16 minutes! I'm going to practice, I think I could do it in 10. Might bribe my kids to try too.

Start anywhere on the route, go around till you're back where you started, and you know you've done about exactly one mile. Its a nice short thing so you can try without having to make too much of a major effort but still feel you've done something.

Can you do the Harringay 10 minute mile?

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Lovely photo and a good challenge to try, I'll give it a go. Thank you ant

Isn’t the Allison hill the killer one. Will it count If I go the opposite way round

The Allison hill does add it a little extra challenge at the end! Up to you I guess, maybe try to get to both ways under 10? I've still not managed it in under 10, so might give  the anti-clockwise way a go. 

(Also, you don't actually need to start at the New River path entrance - it doesn't matter where you start, just anywhere in the loop and go back to where you began)

I am going to give it a go as well, do a bit of running but never time or see how far i go

Thank you for the challenge

Thanks for this Ant.  It looks great.  Cheers, James 

I did it yesterday. First time I've run along the river - nice little route! 

Acording to this old web page walking one mile to test your fitness is a thing:

Walk one mile as quickly as possible - measures your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness level based on how quickly you are able to walk a mile at a submaximal (moderate) exercise intensity.



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