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Fairlands Park is in a bit of a state. The Council knows about it and is organising some staff to come and empty the bins etc. However, there is a lot of small litter spread across the grass areas and rocks/sticks all over the play areas which the Council probably won't get. Is anyone interested in meeting at the park sometime in the next few days to spend an hour of so to help sweep the play areas and pick up the loose rubbish? If so, please send me a PM on here and we can organise a time to meet and clean.

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Have messaged you as requested
For a longer term solution I was wondering if you might see if Haringey Time Bank would offer time bank credits for people caring for the park? I've been in conversation with them about the Neighbourhoods Connect project on this. Could be worth someone from the Friends having a word with them. Try Karen Partridge - Karen.Partridge@groundwork.org.uk
Have just sent you a message.

Going through Finsbury Park is a bit of a shocker too - sun comes out, out come the picnics, bins overflowing so just pile the bags up neatly, wind, foxes and birds do the rest.. litter fest!
I've also sent you a message.

I'd be more than happy to be in on a clean up depending on when it is. Let me know when you're planning.


yes and me depending on when the clean up is


Hi, i'm around and happy to help depending on the day chosen. Otherwise, also will just take a bag and do some litter picking next time we're there.
Thanks to all those who've sent me messages and posted their willingness to help on here. Because people are available at different times we'll do three sessions at the park this week which should be enough to get it clean. Don't worry about messaging me - just turn up to whichever session suits you.
When is it?
- Wednesday 20th at 9.30am;
- Friday 22nd at 7.30pm;
- Sunday 24th at 4.30pm.
Each will go for about an hour. If we get it all done before Sunday I'll post a cancellation of the last session on here.
What we're doing?
- sweeping the bark/sticks etc back into the garden beds
- sweeping the covered play areas
- picking up all the rubbish from around the bins and bagging it for collection
- litter picking the grass, bushes and gardens
What to bring?
- a broom if you have one (thicker bristles the better)
- some plastic bags
- some gloves if you want them
I'll ring the Council again and let there know there will be a few more bags of rubbish to be collected.
Top work Osbawn, see you there.
Really great to see this being organised here - superb stuff, Osbawn.

Thanks everyone for a great effort this morning.

It's fantastic to think that there are so many people around who care about Fairlands and are willing to help look after it. I didn't expect as many people to turn up for the first session and all the work is now finished so the Friday session is cancelled. I expect this weekend will be quite busy and, depending on whether the bins are emptied, the Sunday session might still be needed. I'll post something on here if it's no longer necessary.

We don't expect to have to do this on a regular basis. It was only necessary because the Council has/had not emptied the bins for 2 weeks. The bins overflowed and the mess was snowballing. Our aim was to get the Park back to the baseline state of cleanliness. At the moment the Park looks great and hopefully the kids and other users will enjoy it over Easter.

Sunday session mentioned above is cancelled (due to lack of rubbish)



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