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so our car was stolen from outside our house this week, some time between Sunday lunch time and yesterday evening.

the police seem to believe that even though it was not a "keyless entry" vehicle, it is possible that they access the car using one of these "relay" devices. they have suggested that in future keys should be kept in a metal box in order to avoid this happening. they also say there has been a spate of thefts of or from vehicles in our area.

anyway, we wanted to make everyone aware that this has happened and to take care of your keys!

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I'm sorry to hear that! What street/area is this? 

Hewitt Road on the Ladder.

Thanks for the warning. That stinks. 

Ah that sucks Ed. So they don't just access the car, rifle through the glovebox and smoke their crackpipes on the back seat, they can drive it away and through the CCTV at the bottom of Hewitt?

police said that as there was such a big window (sunday lunchtime to wednesday evening) there would be no point in sifting through the cctv.

they’ve now emailed to say that as there’s next to no likelihood they’ll catch the perpetrators they’ve closed the case.

If they ever opened it ...

well, quite.

I'm surprised at you Matt. How are you and the Wife and the School 

I'm sorry to hear this Ed. How horrible; appreciate your sharing the advice from police. We had our vehicle rifled through about 18mths ago (Seymour Rd), nothing of real value taken thank goodness. From today I will get into the habit of putting my car keys in the fridge! 

Plus checking to see if your car's where you left it!

how would that prevent it being stolen??

we heard this morning that one of our neighbour's cars was taken in the early hours of Monday morning - also a "high-powered" vehicle, also taken using a "relay" device.

we're looking to get a new car this weekend, but i can tell you now, we will also be buying a Crooklock and would recommend that anyone else who vaules their car does the same!




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