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Just a warning to car owners, as our car has been broken into, probably last night (or even during day time?!). We've realised some of our CDs and an iPhone cable were missing today. No damage done. We live at the top of Allison Road. 

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Thanks for the warning. This sort of theft had tailed off for a bit. I hope it's not starting up again.

We live at the top of Allison Road too. Our car was (for the first and last time!) parked round the corner on Wightman Road a couple of months back and was broken into. It had been ransacked but nothing of value (if anything at all!) missing. Just annoying to go and get fixed and still picking bits of smashed glass out of awkward places.

I think the best advice is keep anything, valuable or not, out of sight - I think often thieves see cables and break in to see if there's something more valuable in the glove compartment, under the seat etc. 

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. According to the figures the local police report at the LCSP meeting every month, a car is no more likely to be broken into on Wightman than on a rung road.

Thanks Hugh - interesting to hear that. To be honest though, there's more than just that that factors into my decision -

1) I live on Allison so prefer to park outside my house

2) I think i'm less likely to lose a wing mirror on Allison (although again, I'm basing that on instinct that could be wrong!) 

3) We don't drive the car much. We think it was smashed for more than a week before we saw it. 

4) I hate humping it onto the pavement to park. For all the very legitimate criticism of the latest work, the pavement parking is silly. It's rubbish for cars, people with kids, disabled people, damages cars and is generally counterintuitive.

Yup, I can sympathise with all that. In the parking audit that a few of us organised not so long ago, Allison, Hewitt and Seymour had by far the lowest rate of parking space vacancies. I'm sure your experience on Allison is similar to the Hewitt one - you can pretty much forget parking after about 10. Top end worse than bottom. I think that last feature is probably because Wightman residents choose to park on the rung roads for the reasons you've outlined.

Imagine what it's going to be like with the loss of parking that will be occasioned by the new parking set-up on Wightman and particularly with the new Zebra on Wightman between our two roads.

The Council's parking vacancy survey was risible - they calculated 30% overnight vacancy in Allison, Seymour and Hewitt and concluded there was plenty of capacity to absorb any cars diaplced fomr Wightman.



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