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Hi all,

I just registered to share my story. Maybe it will help others and they can learn from my experience.

So my car side window got smashed recently on 15/12/2018 around 12:30am. The reason was probably my dash cam as I had one on the windscreen and they took it. They touched nothing else in the car. Of course it was my fault as why did I left it on the windscreen in my own car... anyway it was there in the past 3 years and never had any problems. It was a cheap Chinese dash cam.

This morning 25/12/2018 around 6:30am my flatmate's car side window got smashed... he had some coins in the car and they took it. They smashed the window just for a few coins, unbelievable. Anyway, I think I might saw the thief.

So I saw someone ran past by in front of our house when I heard a car alarm nearby. About 10-15 minutes later when I went to my car to drive to work I saw the same guy coming back (walking) from the distance. I think he was pretending that he just came and did nothing wrong. At that time I didn't know why a car alarm was beeping... A bit later, I received a call from my flatmate saying his car side window was smashed...

Description of the guy running: Darkish skin colour (but not black), black hair and black beard. He was wearing a dark/black puffer jacket with hoodie on and jeans. He looked like 170-180 cm tall and skinny build. I would definitely recognize him if I would see him again.

Location: On Wightman Road at the end of Mattison Road.

Anyone have their car window smashed recently nearby?

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A few weeks ago I was walking past SHJS and noticed several cars with smashed windows on Pemberton Rd at around 8.30am. A gentleman who was passing said he would report it so I didn’t bother. 

Not mine but there was one on Oakfield Road last week, where the parking zone changes on the bridge over the Overground line. I have seen it there before, possibily because the cars are not outside houses they are easier pickings. Massive inconvenience for any victims.

There certainly seems to have been an increase in theft form cars. Click the tags I've added under your post.

I saw somebody fitting this description on one of the roads you mention - seemed to be casing a house until I chased him away. Spoke frustrated broken English and is a regular feature on GL. Walks with a limb or an addled zig zag...

Did you report it to the police? If yes, what did they say?

Our neighbour in Sydney had his car window smashed in during the small hours over Christmas. So add Sydney to the list of roads affected.

On Beresford Road there was also a car with their window smashed.

Mine got done last Saturday Morning around 0230 - Two people seen running away. Gladstone Avenue.

Was a Van smashed Drivers Door mirror and the divider Glass. Admit back of van was a mess but only seemed to have lost a Torch. from front glove compartment.                                                        Advised Police and gave me a Crime Number. But No Visit      

Did have curtains open during night and watched people walking to and froe on mobiles  

Resulting in getting rid of van and getting a old Motor                                                                      

Often hear glass being broken in Ashley Crescent. where vans often park. have called Police.                                                              

Forgot to Mention that on getting my Door window replaced at Autoglass Boreham Wood.          On Tuesday

They have four bay working on Car windows. was several Range Rovers waiting

Advised it happening everywhere -



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