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Our cats are much bigger fans of the sofa than they are of the scratching post. If you'd like to try your luck, we've got one free to go. Pic attached; pm if interested.


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Hi Amit,

I’m keen! Where are you based please? 



Hello, Amit, 

Try spraying it (or rubbing) catnip on it. This will encourage your cats to the scratching post. Once they start doing this, they may get used to the idea. I have recently bought one of these posts and mine love it.

Of course, your cats might be among the population that aren’t excited by catnip, but it is work a try!

Just a thought, before you give up on it...

Best wishes,


Thanks for the suggestion! 

Mine would love this if it’s still available & if they don’t use I will pass it onto Cats Protection charity. Thanks,Jackie 

Sorry Jackie, this has now gone.

Thanks for  letting me know. 

 Some love cardboard scratchers rather than tall posts, Zooplus sell a great one that’s a round bed & scratcher in one, cats seem to find that irresistible. See pic attached, you can read all the 5 star reviews for it. 




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