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I would like to find a reliable local professional catsitter. I have looked at the catsitting thread but that seems to be people doing it for each other. I am specifically looking to pay someone who does it professionally and has insurance. Does anyone offer this service or have a recommendation for someone they have actually used and know well? I am going to be away for a period and would like to find someone to care for my two cats, one of whom has special needs. I am not looking for a live in arrangement. 

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My friend has been using Cats and Cuddles for years (well over 5 years) and she really rates them and uses them regularly. Small friendly company that really care about your feline friends. Have a look round there FB page and this link to see if that's the kind of thing you are loiking for


We have used Vicky Aldheff of Happy Dogs and Cats  https://www.happydogsandcats.co.uk/ for a number of years now. She is fabulous and I always feel so reassured when we go away that she is looking after them. Vicky is fully insured and also a pet  behaviourist. She has also given us loads of advice over the years to ensure we have a happy household. 


I am happy to help. 

You can read my reviews on google.

I have crb check and insurance.


look forward to hearing from you

many thanks 


We have frequently used Aneta for the past year and very happy to recommend her. 

I am a registered and insured catsitter with catinaflat.com (My profile here) and can offer you a personal service looking after your cats as though they are my own. 

I live on Pemberton Rd and have been catsitting locally for over ten years and have great references. Please check out the #harringaycatsitter hashtag on Instagram for photos of me with my furry clients. I'm happy to pop round for a no obligation chat if you like.. my email is laurencara@hotmail.com and I would love to meet you and your cats :)

Hi - although I'm not suitable for your requirements (as i'm a live-in pet and house-sitter, with several mentions on the cat-sitting thread), I can also recommend Vicky of happydogsandcats, as mentioned above by Susan CC - as I have looked after her own flat and cat myself when she was away earlier this year.  She is a professional pet behaviourist and really knows her stuff .. her own cat "diamond" was a pleasure to look after and is a walking testament to her methods!

Well mrs Hewitt, lots of suggestions and hope you find what you are looking for
I am very intrigued why you would prefer a professional cat sitter with cat insurance. No idea how that works, does it mean you can sue them if your cat gets ill. Honestly I’m just curious
As I’m the complete opposite and make sure I schedule my weekends away and weeks away to coincide with when my cat sitters are free. I would hate to rely on someone I didn’t know and my cats didn’t know coming because I was paying them
I have found 2 wonderful cat sitters via this forum whom I exchange cat sitting with and are as dotty about furry babies as me and have taken care of one of my kitties when he was poorly
Then of course there is the wonderful Steve king above,whom I was introduced to a few years ago. He has changed my life,where im always away now, 4th trip this year coming up. My neurotic babies are now so used to him and he has taken care when one of them has been on meds. So big shout out recommendation for him

Hello sorry I have not logged in for a long time here. I wanted someone who does it for a living and not have to rely on friends or neighbours who have other obligations. My cats have special needs and I needed someone who understands them and is patient.  I found this worked well for me so far. In the end I went with Lauren who coincidentally also catsits for one of my neighbours and she is very good. She has catsat for me a few times and I am happy to recommend her. 



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