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Just seen a thread on the Seven Sisters nextdoor group (members only so can’t link) about this. Cat is tabby and white apparently and has been up the tree since at least 9.30 this morning, if anyone is missing him/her. According to the post someone is keeping an eye on it, but they were told the RSPCA and/or fire brigade won’t intervene until it’s been there for 24 hours.

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This cat is posted as missing (tabby and white) on here:


I posted a link to this thread on the FB page where he was posted

There are pics, but very unclear.


It will come down just like it went up. Really not sensible alerting the authorities who as we know are quite stretched.

Can't someone tell a white lie and say it's been up there longer? Poor thing must be terrified. And so dangerous if something scares it overnight.

You can’t be serious. You’d rather have a fire engine take a cat down a tree than for example respond to a real emergency?? 

YOU can't be serious. Do you really think the firefighters would say " sorry we can't come to your fire because we are rescuing a cat ? "

Hahaha fair enough... 

Cat is still up there - update from next door thread:

Myself and a lady called Erica have posted before about a poor cat stuck up a tree between the back of Rakka's Restaurant on Green Lanes and the train tracks near Green Lanes station, since yesterday morning. We've called the RSPCA at least 8 times, talked to the staff at Green Lanes station, etc... Finally the fire brigade and the RSPCA came around an hour ago. Unfortunately, they said the cat is too high and can't do anything because of the trains!!! We are appealing to any local tree surgeons who would be willing to help us get that cat down. It's been without food or water for, at least, 35 hours, balancing on very thin branches, risking to fall onto a nasty metallic spiky fence :-(”

Someone from our FB group offered to help as they work at hights on harnessess and might be able to help. Could you please join us on FB or email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com so we can talk directly and try to help this poor cat. Our FB group link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/740724512632779/

That’s great - thank you! I’ve passed this on to Mryiam and she’s already a member of your fb group, so I expect she’ll be in touch. 

UPDATE about the cat up the tree: it was still there at 9.15am this morning, we could see it and hear it from the neighbour's garden. The cat seemed to be on a lower branch. We rushed to the restaurant but had to wait for it to open... We waited at least 20-30min. Unfortunately, no sign of the cat once there :-(. We called and looked, nothing. Looks like it finally got down, but I wished I could have caught it to take it for a vet check up (must be starving and dehydrated) and check for a chip :-/. The restaurant staff, the estate agents next-door and the lady who lives nearby (who spotted the cat first) will keep their eyes open for it, just in case. If the cat is down, it might be stuck on the Network Railway land along the train tracks, behind the gardens of Lothair Road. Please keep an eye out for it, it's probably lost and would need to be taken to a vet. Thank you



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