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So my catalytic converter got stolen, twice... in just two weeks! Just wanted to share my story and warn other car owners in the area.

The first one happened in the beginning of February. I was about to use my car in the morning when it made a loud noise. I didn't know what happened so I took it to my garage. The mechanic knew it straight away what's wrong. His first question was "Is this happened overnight?"... Repair cost £1200, luckily my insurance covers most of it, but lost 2 years bonus. I was also lucky with the new part(s) as it was the last item on stock.

I bought a security plate to cover the catalytic converter on last Sunday and I was ready to go to the garage to get it fitted this Tuesday when I heard the same loud noise coming out of my car. They did it again! Just before I wanted to fit the security plate! The insurance covers the most of it again, but lost another 2 years! In just two weeks I lost 4 years bonus, from 5 years back to 1 year! And to make it even worst, the part(s) are out of stock now and I have to wait until middle of March....

My car is a Toyota Auris and happened near Duckett Road.

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But Greens should be happy for Electric and Hybrid cars, no? 

I didn't know this either until it happened. Apparently, they like Toyotas and Hondas as the Cat is easy to remove for these cars. Also, I found out the security cover is nearly useless as they can just cut through it with a power cutter... I am also planning to sell my Toyota after they repaired and just buy a different car. I don't want to risk it. I am sure they could come back and do it again!

Hybrids are bigger targets for their cats because they, by design, emit less and thus the metals within the converters are purer - and more valuable.

I have waxed lyrical on HOL about (like Lorna) my 2004 Jazz being written off because of a stolen cat.

Hondas since 2015 have the converter much closer to the engine, which requires the engine to be removed to get at it. I've had no signs of tampering with my new Jazz so clearly the little scrotes know exactly which models will bear fruit.

If you live on a street with speed cushions or bumps, park on one of them. Makes it slightly more difficult to get underneath, at least.

The parking over a speedhump is great advice.

Had mine stolen too a couple of weeks ago. Obviously had to pay excess on insurance and premium will go up. I've since found out what a problem this is with my repairers saying they are overrun with vehicles now. The security plates don't seem to deter the theft, only slow it down, marginally.

The crime was reported online and despite efforts to engage with the police in various ways to at least get some idea about prevention or scale of the problem I have not managed to.

Probably have to change my Hybrid Auris for something less environmentally friendly (I need a car). Can't afford to do this at the moment so I suspect it will happen again as I can't park anywhere 'safe' overnight. I'll just have to suck it up.

Anybody know the profile or modus operandi of the culprits. It might help people be vigilant for particular vehicles, timings etc.

The stories I’ve seen... they’ve got a couple of spotters, a getaway car and then a bloke dives under to do the work.

They are pretty brazen - at least one HOL member has had it happen in broad daylight. Mine was probably an overnight job but the car was right on the junction of Glenwood and St Ann’s so it was hardly a backwater.

I have seen several crews, working in Daylight

Usually the car used is on False plates and blacked out windows

With a Big hoody, person waving on other road users

Ones I noticed used battery angle grinders and was up and away in minutes

I have seen more Police Patrols in my Area and the New Police Motorcyclists on their powerful Bikes which have a real loud Siren. Who seemed to have removed a number of noisy Bikers and cut down of a number of vehicles they have stopped. Resulting in several being removed off road. 

Joke is even if charged. Money on them getting Police Bail. Which can last for many months. then be given a suspended Sentence. 

A associate in Hertford, was walking one of his retired Police dogs, when come across a local team

Minder waved a metal rod at him, next moment he was crying his eyes out as the dog lunged and grabbed his privates. His pals run off and left vehicle containing several unities. But turned out no prints was found as wear gloves and vehicle had no registered owner. The minder gave false name at Hospital and is still be sought

As mentioned before they also remove them from Store Car Parks. Seen reports of IKEA Edmonton and Morrisons Wood Green. Both stores have good camera coverage

"I have seen several crews, working in Daylight"

What was the 999 or 111 response if you were able to contact them, Bob?

Dialled 999 . Advised they had left the area before crews arrived. Did hear sirens shortly after phone call. Admit I left the road before calling Police. From many years as a Council Enforcement Officer. Aware not to Show that you are calling the Police. 

Was around time of local school going home

But aware their are Police in area, in marked and unmarked vehicles

Joys of being close to Wood Green Crown Court . When Court is sitting there is often a number of Police Unites parked up close to court 

Thanks for your actions and your reply, Bob.


  The ULEZ is expanding on 26th Oct 2021.

It will include Haringey and all of London within the North and South Circulars!


I shall be popping open a bottle of champagne. Anything that increases the cost of private CBE vehicle ownership is a very welcome intervention, and long may it last.



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