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So my catalytic converter got stolen, twice... in just two weeks! Just wanted to share my story and warn other car owners in the area.

The first one happened in the beginning of February. I was about to use my car in the morning when it made a loud noise. I didn't know what happened so I took it to my garage. The mechanic knew it straight away what's wrong. His first question was "Is this happened overnight?"... Repair cost £1200, luckily my insurance covers most of it, but lost 2 years bonus. I was also lucky with the new part(s) as it was the last item on stock.

I bought a security plate to cover the catalytic converter on last Sunday and I was ready to go to the garage to get it fitted this Tuesday when I heard the same loud noise coming out of my car. They did it again! Just before I wanted to fit the security plate! The insurance covers the most of it again, but lost another 2 years! In just two weeks I lost 4 years bonus, from 5 years back to 1 year! And to make it even worst, the part(s) are out of stock now and I have to wait until middle of March....

My car is a Toyota Auris and happened near Duckett Road.

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Spiteful petty individual trawling threads for other people’s misfortune so that you can trample in your own sanctimonious- circumstance driven opinion. You do not have the right to determine other people’s lives based on your own assumptions. Even more galling that this discussion is based on Hybrid cars. Why don’t you toddle of to a greasy truckers forum or white can man online and avail them of your Progressive opinions. You add nothing of any value here but smugness. 

I wish people wouldn't use obscure abbreviations. I assume your CBE doesn't refer to Commander of the British Empire ?



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