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Cats urgently need temporary foster homes as owner died suddenly

There are cats urgently needing temporary foster homes as their owner sadly died suddenly.

Can you please offer a temporary foster home for any of the cats until Stokey Cats & Dogs can find them permanent homes. It's very hard for these cats to sadly lose their owner and home.

If you might be able to help any of the 8 cats, please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and they will be very pleased to hear from you! Please note home checks apply. The cats are neutered. Stokey have been getting the cats vet treatment, so any donations are appreciated (see below). For example Tammy has an eye ulcer and also needs dental as her mouth is very sore. Sadie needs vet treatment for a skin condition. Photos of 2 of the cats, Tammy and Sadie below.

Stokey Cats and Dogs also urgently need more temporary foster carers for other cats too - even a very short term fostering is precious - it can save a life! They have homeless rescue cats needing temporary foster homes until permanent homes can be found. Please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com if you can help. Cats in a temporary foster home are indoor only so you don't need a garden.

Stokey cats needing permanent homes

I post regularly here in respect of Stokey cats needing homes and photos.

Stokey need funds please to be donated by the community by paypal donation to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com and Stokey also have an Amazon Wish List and a Stokey Cats and Dogs Facebook group. You can also donate direct to their Stokey rescue cats' vet bill by calling the CHAT vet clinic Tel 0207 474 8811 and say that you wish to make a payment towards Stokey Cats and Dogs vet bill. Vet bills mount up due to rescuing stray /unneutered /injured cats needing help.

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