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 does anyone have a chainsaw I could borrow for the weekend at all please?

 Thanks in advance 


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Have you done a course on how to use a chainsaw?  Do you have chainsaw trousers and helmets?  If no to these then you should not be using a chainsaw, they are extremely dangerous tools in amateur hands.  Try using a bow saw.

Agree, it's very easy to maim or kill yourself with a chainsaw if you don't know what you're doing.

Well I have a little cable powered electric chain saw from B&Q which has a safety cut out and it just stops running instantly you power down or the chain comes off. I’m not going to offer it because it’s pretty blunt now - I’ve cut down quite a lot of small ‘self seeded Sycamores with it. But it was only £99 and worth havingl long term , I my opinion. So I would recommend that investment. However. I do agree that if you need a big petrol driven chainsaw, you should hire in a pro.



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