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Anyone know a charity shop that collects from people’s houses?

Have left an email for Shelter and British heart foundation are not picking up their phones.

I’m having a big old clear out of household items, 6 boxes-full - too much for me to unload on my own.

Anyone got any reccomendations for pick up? Failing that does anyone know of a charity shop with easily accesible loading doors? Don’t want to have to run back and forth from car on double yellow lines as I have a lot of stuff. Also a chair and stool I would like to go.




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The shop on Green Lanes Raising My Voice Foundation, collects all sorts of things


I found it best to ring them to arrange collection


Thank you! X

Traid also collect from home. You can book a collection online as well as by phone. Not sure if they take furniture though so probably best to phone to check. They have collected from me early evening which is convenient if working.



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