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Hi all,

It's not long since I moved to the area, and my 'pride and joy' (in the loosest sense of the term) has about a month until the MOT runs out. Therefore, I seek a decent garage within the nearest few miles that will bring it up to code for minimal cost and won't mess me around with unnecessary repairs. I would also greatly appreciate a friendly service if possible, bad-tempered or condescending mechanics really get to me.

I await your recommendations!

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G&N Garages - 54/58 Wightman Road, 0208 340 3311. Nice guys and don't cheat the customer. Been going to them for 10 years.

I would not recommend G&N. They told my wife her car needed a new clutch and then forgot to do it when she booked it in. They did not apologise for forgetting to fix the car even though they knew she was relying on them fixing the car as she had to do a long drive th next day. Then she took it to another garage who said that the clutch was fine and didn't need replacing. That was 2 years ago and clutch is still fine! So they don't tick the friendly or honest boxes from our experiences.

There was a discussion on this just under eighteen months ago and another more recently Ben which may give you what you need.
I like Umut Motors on Vale Road tel 02088025437. The owner is Salman
I have also been very happy with Umut Motors, but they don't do MOTs themselves. They have to send the car somewhere else for that.
I haven't used them for a couple of years (due to having a new car and requiring dealer stamps, etc.), but I'd certainly recommend Hi-Tech Motor Centre on West Green Road:


They have MOT'd and serviced mine and my lodgers cars a number of times and never messed us about with unnecessary stuff.

Hope that helps,


A tentative endorsement for Hi Tech. Tentative since I have just come back from using them only to get an indicator light bulb changed. But an endorsement as the first garage I took my car to told me I'd have to take the car in to Audi (and no doubt pay and arm and a leg for the privilege). Hi Tech were friendly and did the job I asked them to - even though it took three of them to work out how to remove the light unit - and they only charged me £5. 

I would certainly recommend Hi Tec in West Green Road as they are very friendly, do an honest job at low cost and don't 'invent' jobs just to inflate the bill. I've been taking my wife's 22 year old Sierra and my own 40 year old Rover there for years.



I'd like to recommend Jewels' garage on Victoria Road - 020 7561 1392. I've been going to them for almost thirty years and they are the nicest of people, and very good with older/ailing cars.

Also, for tyres, the guy at the top of Burgoyne Road has been very good and cheap.

I use MEB Motor Centre in Crouch End. 020 8340 0656. Seem efficient and reasonable to me. Been using them for several years now and no complaints.
John is very honest: 020 8892164, it needs to ring a long time sometimes.
In St Andrews Grove.
I've been going for years.

Good garage in Tottenham - contact Tom Theodoulou on 07801457046.

Has been doing MOT, service, etc, for my (now very old) car for years.



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