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Hi all,

It's not long since I moved to the area, and my 'pride and joy' (in the loosest sense of the term) has about a month until the MOT runs out. Therefore, I seek a decent garage within the nearest few miles that will bring it up to code for minimal cost and won't mess me around with unnecessary repairs. I would also greatly appreciate a friendly service if possible, bad-tempered or condescending mechanics really get to me.

I await your recommendations!

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If you just want the MOT and think you might only need minor stuff done, or a list of work you can take to a garage rather than them telling you what they think you need, you could try a local authority testing station. Camden do a test for £54.
Not sure if Haringey provide the same service.
It's recommended by Money Saving Expert.

+1 Michael, just used them to MOT my car. They're very helpful. First time in ages I've passed without needing a bulb or some other minor problem. Haringey closed some time ago.

Not in Harringay/Haringey but I use Car Care Centre on Maury Road, N16.  John there is very friendly and they do a no frills, no messing service and what's needed.  I have been going to them for around 8 years and with two different cars.  020 8985 2983 - like others, it can take a while for them to answer as they usually have their heads under a car!

I can recommend the garage on Wightman Road near the top of Fairfax / Falkland Road. Can't remember what they are called but the number is 02083477111 and they have a Bosch sign on the front.

They have serviced and done MOT on my 8 year old VW the last 4 years. Friendly and helpful.

I went there with a horrific grinding noise from my brakes last month. No appointment. The guy looked at it there and then, took off the wheel and found a trapped stone in a brake caliper. Removed it straight away, no charge when I had gone in fearing the worst. 



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