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My little boys Islabike was stolen from the playground in chestnuts park this morning! He is devastated. It was leaning against a baby buggy and we were nearby but didn't see anything. If anyone is offered one or knows anything, please let me know. I know it's probably a lost cause but thought I would try...

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That is horrible especially having to explain it to your son.  I know a few friends daughters had their micro scooters vanish last week. Unfortunate to come to have to lock down belongings at a community park.

Also sorry to hear this. Yesterday I saw what looked like a discarded scooter by the picnic tables. Although the way some people look after belongings you never can tell. I shall keep an eye out for it again. 

I think a boy tried to steal my daughterr's scooter at downhills park on Saturday. I stopped him going out the gate with it. I didn't want to make a fuss at the time because I wasn't sure if he was stealing it or just wanted to have a go on it . The reason it caught my attention was because when I said' is that your scooter' he said 'yes it is' when most children (8 ish) would never be that rude/ lie so brazenly )). He eventually handed it back and moved on to some other bikes / micro scooters. But by this time everyone was holding onto their scooters and I think had clocked him so he ran off to adults standing a good 200 m away (again a bit weird so caught my attention).

Sorry to hear your sons bike got taken. I what a shame there are people like that out there.
My duaghter's islabike was stolen from there last year and never turned up. It was kids. Hope you are luckier.

I am sorry to hear that. Can you show me an image of what it looks like? I live next to the park and can keep an eye out if anything shows up. 

Thanks everyone for your responses. It's really sad that these things can happen in a children's playground! I don't have a photo of the bike Robert but many thanks for your offer. It's a 14" Islabike conc grey and black and has a light fixed to one wheel that changes colours and patterns in the night when bike is moving. The police are taking it seriously too...

Okay thanks. I will inform the residents here in my block. My neighbour is the Cornwall Rd Neighbourhood Watch rep. 

Sorry about your bike Fatima I hope you get it back. Sadly it's not an isolated incident, it reminded me that a group of my friends had 3 mini micro scooters stolen from Chestnuts playground last week (all at the same time not 3 separate occasions).

If a child is being managed by adults to steal regularly that's a really really serious crime, I hope these thefts are being reported.
Thanks everyone. I'm sorry to hear so many others have had things stolen from there too.
I have reported to the police. I have also informed local children centre to let their users know to be extra vigilant with their belongings when using the park. If anyone has connections with local schools, do let them know too.
Scummy kids!

I fear scummy adults at work. A while ago my partner spotted two kids trying to steal our boys' microscooters in Downhills, and shouted at them. Apparently a woman then called them, and it was quite obvious that she was getting them to nick things.



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