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Hi I'm looking for a local shop that would stock ballet shoes and those cross over ballet slips, for my 6 year old daughter. She's suddenly grown out of all the hand-me-downs we usually rely on.

I went on line and messed up with the sizing of the ballet shoes. Bought 2 sizes bigger as suggested and they were still too small. Don't really want to chance it again. Anyone know of any local shops that stock such items? Many thanks.

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Hi. We get all our ballet-related stuff from The Red Shoes on Topsfield Parade in Crouch End. It's not cheap, but is local and good quality.

Alternatively John Lewis is an option. It's cheaper and quite probably just as good. (Brent Cross & Oxford Street both stock ballet paraphernalia.)

Thanks so much for your reply. Great idea to try John Lewis.

Red Shoes closed down a while ago I'm afraid.

Oops. Shows the state of my finances *blush*

Try Rodwins behind Southgate tube. Cheap, cheerful, friendly, well stocked and fascinating!

Thanks Julia and Ana, I'm going to try them tomorrow.

Rodwins as in previous post is your best bet. They are on facebook if you want to contact them first. The Red Shoes have closed down I think.

Reply via our Facebook page:

Aj England: Go to new London performing arts school on st James lane muswell hill they are so lovely I'm sure they can help



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