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I need a recommendation for a reliable trustworthy cleaner. 3 hours every two weeks.

Thank you.

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Hi, I would be available to help with this :)


i can wholeheartedly recommend my cleaner. Very reliable and just great. 

PM me if you'd like details. 


Hello, our cleaner Arieta is absolutely brilliant and very hard-working - every time she comes she gets the glass shower doors gleaming (which is a job I particularly hate ...). She lives locally and has been with us for years, and we trust her completely. She has some hours on Friday mornings free at the moment, once a fortnight. Send me a connection request if you'd like her number.


could you send me the number of your cleaner?

thank you,



her name is Kinga and her number is 

077 4961 2753

Best text her as she can then reply at her leisure. 

Good luck,


Hi Kris

i’m also looking for a cleaner in Rowley Road. Do you think Kinga would have some free hours?


Hi Tullie 

I know this thread is quite old, but I’m also looking for a cleaner. Do you still have the same person and do you think she may have some free hours? 



the thread was quite old but some of the replies were new. 

I think Kinga might still have some hours as she’s now working with her sister so they are double as quick. 

Just text her and say you’ve got her number through me. 

Good luck


Hi, I am looking for a cleaner for 4hrs per week can you please call message me? Thanks 



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