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We're looking for a cleaner for around 4 hours every other week.

Pls get in touch if you know of any you would recommend


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I can highly recommend our cleaner Valeriya who is excellent - please direct message me if you'd like her contact details.

Hi Edward, is Valeriya still looking? I sent you a message, hope I did it right.

Thanks, Sonia

Hi I can recommend my cleaner who works with us once a fortnight (Thursday mornings) but is really flexible called Aliza, recommended by someone on HoL. Let me know if you would like her number by direct message.


Hello Kerry, I am also looking for a cleaner, do you think Aliza is also looking for more people?  I live near Sainsbury's.

All the best,


I can highly recommend our cleaner Eva too. Message me if you want her details.  She comes every other week.  

Hi SB, did you find one in the end? We are also looking for one if you found one you would recommend please? 

Eva, my cleaner is still looking for extra work so please message me if you want her number.

Thank you - will do now. 


I am looking for a cleaner once a fortnight; I live near Sainsbury's.  Is Eva still looking?



Hi Rebecca, I can also give you a number of our cleaner if that helps. Best Kerry

Yes please Kerry! So far finding it a bit tricky to get someone confirmed! Thank you! 



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