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I saw this a few moments ago, discussion of introducing a new close pass law to fine drivers £100 if they do not give cyclists sufficient room when passing. I was amazed by how many people are hurt on bikes each year, and these are just the ones that get reported, how many close calls are there as well:

"Recent figures released by the Department for Transport showed there were 18,450 pedal cyclist casualties in the year ending September 2017, of which 3,750 (20 per cent) were killed or seriously injured. Around 100 cyclists are killed in the UK every year"

I guess the key to this and its success will be the video camera evidence we can all conjure up after a close call.

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And how confrontational was your discussion in " Last night I was chased by a motorcyclist down Worship Street " ?

You can't change the world: but the world is likely to change you.

How confrontational etc etc - well here's a good TBT moment from 2008:

Hooligan Cyclists


And the music goes round and round.....

[ThrowBack Thursday.....]

There wasn't time for a confrontation. I can't remember, but I suppose I may have blown my horn out of fright.

John M's certainly blowing his.....

Im pro cycling but I think that would go too far. You might be comfortable at 20mph but I've seen some veeeeeery slow cyclists on the road and it would reduce traffic to the speed of the slowest. Bear in mind that other cyclists would also not be able to overtake (even if it was permitted it would be very difficult with cars in between). 

E-bikes will make a big difference. The average speed for a motorist inside the north circular is (according to O'Donovan's skips) anywhere between 9 and 12 mph. There are lots of other stats if you google. I really don't see this as a problem.

I'm not sure average speeds really tells you very much. You must see super slow cyclists when you ride, so you know what I'm talking about. They're the people that everyone would be waiting behind. E bikes would make a difference but the slowest on the road will set the speed so unless everyone has one it doesn't fix the problem. Sorry, I'm out. 

OK, one last point though. The growth in e-bikes and micro-mobility in general is incredible. Follow @asymco on Twitter for more. I do understand your point about slow cyclists but I have my eye on the future.

I’ve got my eye on the bus I use John.  

Would this mean that in the morning while going down the bus lane on Green Lanes the 50 or so of us passengers will have to go at the same speed as the fella is always seems to be heading the same way as me and going at a leisurely 4 miles an hour?  

Pulling out into the lane of cars (if possible) would completely negate the purpose of the bus lane but there is no way in the world the bus could give him the proposed minimum clearance space.

Yes, this is the reality. Also a car/van/truck on London's narrow roads giving a cyclist a metre as they pass has to first work out whether that means crossing into oncoming traffic, which includes motorbikes coming up the outside ... oh and road warriors in lycra. 

It's a fair point. The reality is that the appropriate passing distance depends on the speed of the vehicle. I'd have less issue with a bus  giving 1m clearance at 15mph than a car giving me 1.5m at 60mph.

As I've said, e-bikes are coming. 4 miles an hour is such a straw man too, that's walking pace.



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