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Hi all 

Can anyone recommend a good pest control firm that can get rid of these - preferably without spraying chemicals everywhere . I have used moth traps for 12 months which hasn't resolved the problem. 


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I have recently used JG ( for rats) and very good service. 02071838906. Also online. If u have wool carpets they are a nightmare. Good luck

Thanks Lesley 

Ohh feel your pain - I've had them too this year, impossible to get rid of though I've almost succeeded by using traps and constant cleaning. Hideous things. No carpets in my rooms, but they found the one bit of old carpet under the stairs and made themselves a cosy home there. Hope you find a moth exterminator soon -will be interested in the replies...

Thanks Michaela - mine are very entrenched. Catch lots on pheronome traps but doesnt stop them eating my clothes, shoes, belts, rugs, they will even eat their way through plastic to get at tasty items.

Don't waste your time/money with pest control. Get some parasitic wasp eggs in your wardrobe. These little fellas are totally harmless and love eating moth eggs; they naturally die off once the moths are gone. Did that a few years ago and worked a dream.


Hi Kotkas - many thanks for this tip ,sounds promising and very exciting if it does work - I will try them out and feed back. Thanks for putting up the link -

I've found the pheromone moth traps to be very effective. The moths get a sniff of the pheromone, think " Oh sex " and end up on a sticky card.

Hi John

I ve had traps for over a year now and repalce them on a 3 month basis - they catch them , but not all of them and it only takes 1 or 2 to lay larva and it's bye bye clothes hello holes. 

I’ve been using  cotton balls with a few drops of cedar oil in wardrobes this year, refreshing monthly. No sign of moths so far.  Hope that helps. 

I've used colibri repellant sachets. Available from the nation's favorite department store. Plant based = lavender or citronella.

But I also keep all precious wollens and silks in zipped clothes storage bags. Start by placing the clothes in the freezer for at least 24 hrs to kill all remnants of eggs....before storing the items away.

i don't gave the culprits in my carpets fortunarely. Fingers croxed.



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