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I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new yoga studio – Bind yoga- on West Green Road! The lease is being finalised now & we should open in early November.  As a local resident and teacher this is very close to my heart & I can’t wait to get started and build something great.

The council have given their approval to change the premises from a disused storefront over to a space that will offer something unique to the Tottenham community.  As a dedicated yoga venue it will offer over 20 classes a week in a variety of styles, all guided by excellent teachers from across London. 

I want to create an inclusive and accessible space to practise yoga & the pricing structure will vary from £10 for a drop-in session to £5 for a community based class.  Block booking discounts and concessions will also be offered.

The timetable will be launched asap but in the meantime you can find us at www.bindyoga.co.uk & support the studio on Twitter (@BindN15) or Instagram (bindyoga) to keep up to date as details are finalised.  Or contact us directly hello@bindyoga.co.uk if you have any questions/suggestions.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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Any news?  Eager to join


Hi Marika, thanks so much for the support but sadly there’s not much news yet I’m afraid! Things are progressing behind the scenes & I hope to be open by early December but don’t hold me to that... there is information on the types of classes on offer, pricing, & location available on the website www.bindyoga.co.uk so please check that out & I’ll be shouting from the rooftops when a launch date is set!  

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that the studio will open it's doors on the 8th of December!  We'll be offering a reduced timetable on the run up to Christmas but will launch 100% in January.  

All timetable, pricing & introductory offers are up on the website & able to book now.

Huge thanks for all the support & well wishes! 




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