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I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new yoga studio – Bind yoga- on West Green Road! The lease is being finalised now & we should open in early November.  As a local resident and teacher this is very close to my heart & I can’t wait to get started and build something great.

The council have given their approval to change the premises from a disused storefront over to a space that will offer something unique to the Tottenham community.  As a dedicated yoga venue it will offer over 20 classes a week in a variety of styles, all guided by excellent teachers from across London. 

I want to create an inclusive and accessible space to practise yoga & the pricing structure will vary from £10 for a drop-in session to £5 for a community based class.  Block booking discounts and concessions will also be offered.

The timetable will be launched asap but in the meantime you can find us at www.bindyoga.co.uk & support the studio on Twitter (@BindN15) or Instagram (bindyoga) to keep up to date as details are finalised.  Or contact us directly hello@bindyoga.co.uk if you have any questions/suggestions.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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William Hill? Has it closed down?

Is it?  I think that may be further down the road actually.... i believe this used to be an old restaurant?  It's been empty for almost a year so I'm not entirely sure, but less betting shops locally can only be a good thing!!

Oh I thought the planning permission said change of use from betting store?
Could be wrong :)

Can’t wait! Congratulations on your new ventures!

Thanks Briana, launch dates & timetable will be launching soon!

Yeah!! Amazing news - sign me up for ALL classes please ;) x

Thanks Alfred!!! xx

This is really wonderful news. Do you know whether you will have any Iyengar teachers?

Hi Rita, we won't be offering any Iyengar at this time, but I'm open to it for the future.  

wooooooooo! can't wait for this to open :)

Thanks Jamie- me neither! I'll be launching the timetable & website soon-ish so keep an eye out ;)

previous tenants

LAILA SNOOKER & SOCIAL CLUB, 3 Vicarage Parade, West Green Road N15 (West Green ward):



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