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Hello, I'd be grateful for recommendations for someone who might sort out my desktop computer which has suddenly gone temperamental (clear of viruses and swapped mouse but cursor keeps sticking, boxes opening and closing at will). Can't work out what problem is. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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Search Marek.


Thank you. I did try Marek before posting - his mobile is not working so was wondering if he is still working around here.

Oh I think so - he posted on here just a few days ago. You could try an email from another computer. Edit to add - I just called the number below and he answered: you may have his number wrong

Check to see if one of the keys on the keyboard is stuck down.

Still working my phone number is 07904607745

In my panic about it all, I'd written your number down wrong! Thanks for your text - am about to send a reply.



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