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Considering moving to Harringay Ladder - Cold feet!!

Hi there - as above, I'm close to having an offer accepted on a house on the Harringay Ladder (towards the North, Green Lanes end), but getting cold feet! I've never lived in the area so only know it from having wandered around looking at houses. It all looked ok to me, but I'm reading a lot of criticism online so starting to have second thoughts. Main issues seems to be about crime, bad schools, rat infestations, lack of 'things to do', overpriced housing...

I thought I'd made my mind up, but now a bit concerned. I'd really appreciate some views from people who already live there...it can't be that bad surely?!

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Thanks Becks! Hopefully bump into you one day : ) 

PS are you on the top middle or bottom end ? 

Well, just by way of update, this week we exchanged on the house we were looking at. Thanks everyone for all the advice on here...

Welcome, now we can tell you the truth!

I'm all ears!

Hi Alex, and all,

Your post made me chuckle as myself and my girlfriend are in exactly the same predicament now as you were back in March! We've had an offer accepted on Falkland Road and now in the final stages but we've got some last minute doubts about the area in terms of safety/crime. I work abroad quite frequently and my girlfriend in a restaurant so our main concerns are regarding the area at night when she could be returning home after a late shift.

I've read through the posts and a lot of great info here that has allayed these concerns considerably, but thought I'd follow up and ask you (in your brief experience):

- How are you finding it now you've moved in - better/worse than expected?

- What would you say are the initial plus points and slight drawbacks in the short time you've been there?

And also to other members who have been in the area a bit longer:

- Would you consider the area safe at night? I know nowhere in London is totally safe but how does this compare to other places people have lived in? We've both lived: near London Fields, Newington Green, Farringdon and more recently renting in Crouch End so any comparisons to these areas would be great.

- Is there a problem on the Ladders with burglaries/on street crime? I know this area used to have a bit of a reputation  http://londonist.com/2008/03/haringey_a_hots.php but wanted to get people's honest views on this aspect having lived there for the last 2-3 years. Are there many gangs/ne'er-do-wells to be seen in the area?!

- Infestation - see a lot of stuff written about rats & cockroaches being more prevalent on the ladder than other parts of London due the large network of Victoria terraces. Is this true and an ongoining problem for residents? I always take my kebab wrapper to the wheelie bin first thing on a Sunday morning but...

We're really approaching crunch time so any speedy responses would be most welcome. Will be in the area having a wander and a pint as well tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon before the England game!

Thanks in advance


Come to the Food and Art Fair at North Haringey School on Sunday 11 - 3pm.   You'll meet local ladder people.

Best to bear in mind that a lot of people who respond are a little over-eager to justify their own life choices by talking up the glittering cultural life Harringay or acting like moving here is terribly edgy. The truth, as ever, is infinitely more boring.

Is Haringay safe at night? Well, pretty much. In practice, it is a very residential area so provided you don't decide to wander down Harringay Passage at 2AM, or take too many short cuts across the park next to Turnpike Lane station, there should be nothing scary. Personally, I would feel less safe on Newington Green or in Farringdon, largely cause no one really lives there. There was a time when ladies were prone to get 'clicked' at by some of our more neanderthal residents (a cultural thing, apparently). No, its probably not as safe as Crouch End, but if you could afford to buy a house there, you would hardly be thinking of moving to Harringay.

Is there a problem with burglaries and street crime? I have lived here for ten years and have never been burgled (touch wood) but then again, I probably have nothing that burglars want that badly. Fit locks on your windows and doors (which insurers will demand anyway) and I cannot see there being many problems. Again, I would probably feel more nervy about this sort of stuff in Stoke Newington/London Fields where the contrast between the haves and have-nots is that much more dramatic.

In terms of street crime, we used to have problems with occasional gangland dimwits from the Turkish and Kurdish communities, but in the grand Krays tradition, they never showed much interest in people who were not their own. Worth noting that most street crime involve the 18-25 group (as perps and victims) and since you are old enough to be buying a house, I cannot imagine they will be that interested in you. Fundamentally, there are not enough genuinely wealthy people in Harringay to interest your average Victorian cutpurse, when there are much easier pickings to be had from tourists in Camden High Street. The market for stolen organic veg and yoga mats is not great.

Infestation? Well, we've had plenty of mice and a few cockroaches, but that is an issue that is as much about your neighbours as yourself. There are a lot of houses which are in multiple occupation, which - if you have a bad one next to you - can entice our mousey pals in. The good thing about mice is that they can be killed. The annoying thing is that, when it gets towards winter time, they can get very persistent. Cockroaches are nasty, but I haven't seen that many in recent years. The slow process of gentrification may be wiping them out, and maybe the same thing will go for mice eventually.

In conclusion - it is what it is. Getting a house this close to central London is expensive, and to be honest there are plenty of more dangerous places where you can spend much more money buying a house (Hackney, Camden, Holloway, et al). Harringay does not have the "buzzy urban vibe" that estate agents would tell you, and while it is fairly multicultural on Green Lanes, the side streets on the ladder are becoming more straight and suburban every year. It is not that exciting but it is not that dangerous either.

It's got two tube stations (nearly), two railway stations, and is a pretty decent place to have small children. On your budget, I don't imagine you will do much better anywhere else, and if you hesitate too long it tends to cost you. Move out of London or get over it.



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