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I posted previously regarding the closure of under 2s provision and fee rises of 70% at Triangle nursery (a council run nursery) in Tottenham.

Like many other parents, I now have no childcare available for my youngest child.  I am due to return to work in January following maternity leave.

The council promised help to parents like myself find alternative childcare.  I have repeatedly asked for this assistance since September,  however my requests have been ignored.

Haringey council are now denying me the council service of childcare brokerage as I have made a formal complaint against them.  Ironically part of my complaint includes that they have not offered me assistance with finding childcare despite multiple requests.

I am faced with financial hardship as I won't be able to return to work, and will have to repay all my maternity pay as per my contract. I have communicated this to the council.

I have been contacting elected councillors,  who have been ignoring my emails.

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To clarify, after being ignored for months,  I made a complaint.  Now Haringey council have said they will not offer me the council service of childcare brokerage because I have made a complaint against them.

Maybe ask Zena Brabazon. She seems to be a better councillor and although probably in a different ward might be able to exert some influence over her colleagues. 

Hi Natasha

Please contact me. My email is; zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

Best wishes


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Thank you Zena, I will email you now.

Sorry to hear this. You're certainly not alone in being one of thousands of women who face significant barriers to accessing affordable childcare & therefore employment opportunities. I wrote to David Lammy in October about the planned withdrawal of the childcare voucher scheme, no response yet. Hopefully Maternity Action can offer you some sound advice https://www.maternityaction.org.uk/doing_wp_cron=1512591067.3063371...

To update, I have still not received a reply to my complaint made to the council, which was made in July originally, then reiterated in November. I was promised a reply on the 14 December, then one on the 2nd January. I have sent multiple prompts.

A complaint that was meant to be teplied to in 2 weeks (as per council policy) has still not been replied to nearly 6 months on. I still have no childcare (there is not a single nursery within 1 mile of my home or eldest child's school with a under 2 place available). I am worried about the future.

This situation is becoming farcical.



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