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From a Council press release:

The Liveable Crouch End project is currently on hold at the request of TfL. Proposed designs as part of the project include measures such as footway widening and cycle routes – which will support TfL’s social distancing priorities. These designs will now feed into further borough-wide assessments being undertaken by the Council relating to the Mayor’s Street Space programme.

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We’ve been round this one before, Elizabeth. It’s not snippiness about people living in CE, it’s snippiness about the Council. And words of reassurance about the Council implementing any/everywhere butter no parsnips in Harringay: the residents pled with them to do that a couple of years back, to no effect. 

Not you Hugh but the person above who believes all Crouch Enders are up themselves rich pseuds. Haringey may be useless so perhaps the best option is to ask Hackney to take over.....

As we live through a time infected by the messaging of Brexit and Trump, it’s particularly important to call out any disparaging or blaming of groups of people who are deemed to be ‘other’. For the record, I don’t and never have disparaged people because of where they live in the borough, be it east, west or centre, nor do I condone others who do. 

Which is precisely why I called out Alan, who described Crouch Enders in disparaging terms.

Elizabeth, I'm sure I speak for many Ladder residents who welcome your support in preventing any future traffic displacements impacting on their lives. Thank you for your kind thoughts, I look forward to your matching actions in the future.



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