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TfL have published their response to the Crossrail 2 consultation held at the end of 2015 (the response was published in the summer but I've only just picked it up)
Interestingly, although those responding to the options of a Crossrail station at either Turnpike Lane or Wood Green plumped for Turnpike Lane, there is to be a second round of consultation as Haringey are pushing hard for Wood Green.

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Kudos - and footfall - look at Westfield Shepherds Bush and Westfield Stratford, both built cheek by jowl to multiple rail and tube lines. Haringey aspires to have the go-to shopping mall presence in north London (though Brent Cross has shot their fox by proposing a massive expansion/redevelopment very recently - see here). And it wants all those extra business rates.

The 1996 study - now twenty years ago and hardly anything has changed/improved in the service offered by TfL Buses and Underground in that period.

Apologise for the not 100% quality of the images.

The main alignments would have been Trolleybus (electric) vehicle operated. The gradients East>West in Haringey would make it difficult to run 'regular' trams.. Although since the report was published in 1996, a solution has been found and is now in operation in the Paris suburbs. Of note, a high frqeuncy Route Archway > Muswell Hill Broadway > Crouch End >Alexandra Palace > Wood Green > Tottenham Bruce Grove >Tottenham Hale ..covering sections of 43,W7, W3,243,123.

Lastly, a couple of shots of the one rail (and tyre) trams that can be used on routes with steep gradients. Ideal for Haringey.

Both taken from my 'Paris Transports' Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/albums/72157631103474730

Whatever happened with this? Did Haringey manage to win their battle to have it at Wood Green or is it still up in the air and everyone is keeping a bit quiet about it given how much the original Crossrail has slipped?

It will be launched on the 32nd of Never...

Given they just decided to OK HS2, I think it unlikely the DfT will greenlight Crossrail 2 any time soon, as the political priorities have changed outside of London. 

Also with the delay of Crossrail 1, TfL has a large funding gap of at least 3 years making them less likely to be able to afford their share.

Even originally, it was not planned to open till the 2030's - I wouldn't hold your breath hoping to see it before 2040.

It's not all bad though, Piccadilly Line has new trains already ordered (arrive next few years), and is also due for a Victoria Line-esque signalling upgrade



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