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I try to be extra careful when cycling, I try to avoid roads where possible, and need to figure out a safe route from Turnpike Lane to Highbury.

I was cycling down Green lanes a few days ago, and am very wary of parked cars opening their doors suddenly without observation or care. 

But I wasn't prepared for a  door to fly open from a car stuck in slow moving traffic - luckily i braked hard and just ended up with scraped fingers. 

I dont expect the beaviour of some of these idiot drivers and passengers to change unless the laws are changed to Dutch cycling laws.

However the council can start by introducing cycle lanes on Green Lanes, not Boris lanes but proper cycle lanes. Something needs to be done about traffic on Wood Green High street to Green lanes

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Do they make donations to the Labour party?

If enough people get together and donate a few pounds more to the Labour party perhaps we could outbid the traders and suspend parking.

Hilariously the official quietway that the council are implementing is going via Crouch End. If you think Wightman is hilly, look over towards Uplands Rd and have a laugh.

The hilliness = slowness which also frustrates drivers who may then attempt a close pass

As long as you don't hug the parked cars (which is dangerous) they should not be able to pass you. E-bikes are becoming cheaper an cheaper so I expect smallish hills like this to be nothing like the problem they are at the moment.

Once again, I disagree. Green Lanes is far preferable because it's flat and wide whereas Wightman is narrow and very, very hilly.

I am no fan of Wightman Rd but I think it is less dangerous the Green Lanes - the kind of data on this map suggest that my feelings are correct  - 


Am visiting Amsterdam this week. Many years ago the argument for cycling was won. Bikes everywhere. Clear air. You hardly have to look around crossing the road. Amazing. 

Funny that, as I've been to the Hague a few times and you have to have 360 vision to keep an eye out for bikes which come at you from all angles all the time.

I would use Wightman road and then through Finsbury Park. You can then take cycle route past Arsenal and the Emirates stadium. This will bring you out on Holloway Road. 

Another way is Finsbury Park Rd, then Canning Rd and up Highbury Hill before going through Highbury Fields.

If you want quiet(er) your best bet is probably to head over the bridge at Hornsey and down Rathcoole Ave, Oakfield Road and across.

Green Lanes isn't actually that bad because the traffic is so slow. You do need to be wary of filtering though (which in some ways negates the benefits of cycling) as there are plenty of drivers who pull out, passengers jumping out of cars and pedestrians stepping out from between parked cars.

Wightman Rd is terrible. I probably use Green Lanes 50 times more but have had more near misses on Wightman, car drivers just don't want to be held up from hitting the next queue of traffic and will overtake at stupid places.

I used to have some hope that there would be improvements but I think the council has made it incredibly clear that they have no intention of making Harringay (or to be honest Haringey) safer for cyclists if there is a slim chance it will slightly inconvenience car drivers. There have been so many opportunities for them to show different and none of them have been taken that I've now given up.

I seem to remember one of their latest policy documents about sustainable transport focused on electric cars as the good for the environment option ...

To be fair, it isn't just the sitting labour party that have this view, it wasn't long since the local lib dems were trying to win votes with promises of free votes.

I dont understand why some say that parking restrictions and cycle lanes on green lanes would be bad for business, Reducing traffic and pedestrianing would make green lanes a much more pleasant enviroment and would attract people to the restuarants etc.



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