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I try to be extra careful when cycling, I try to avoid roads where possible, and need to figure out a safe route from Turnpike Lane to Highbury.

I was cycling down Green lanes a few days ago, and am very wary of parked cars opening their doors suddenly without observation or care. 

But I wasn't prepared for a  door to fly open from a car stuck in slow moving traffic - luckily i braked hard and just ended up with scraped fingers. 

I dont expect the beaviour of some of these idiot drivers and passengers to change unless the laws are changed to Dutch cycling laws.

However the council can start by introducing cycle lanes on Green Lanes, not Boris lanes but proper cycle lanes. Something needs to be done about traffic on Wood Green High street to Green lanes

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Many of the restaurants already have queues outside and they know that their customers come from Enfield to dine too.

I think it's a fairly traditional view that you need parking for businesses, restaurants, etc. With decreasing car ownership it's becoming a bit old-fashioned but Haringey's transport plan isn't really the most modern.

There is quite a bit going on in New York at the moment trying to move towards more sustainable streets (although they have plenty to go) http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/dot-economic-benefits-of-...

Here's an idea, why don't we ban bicycles from A roads and ban cars from anything unclassified except for access. We really shouldn't need all these cycle lanes as apart from the murderous attitude of motorists, the roads are fine for cycling on.

I'm a motorist and I don't have a murderous attitude so please don't generalise. As it happens, I have been doing about 10k miles each year for the last 50 years which adds up to half a million miles and I haven't killed anyone yet.

Do you have any backup for this:

the changes in parking on those routes are having a massive detrimental effect on local business

I've heard the opposite but don't have any actual figures so wondering where your evidence came from.

Also, what effect is it having on air pollution levels I wonder?

I can barely smell the charcoal on Green Lanes sometimes due to car fumes. 

I think the high street in Harringay is pretty cool now. I'm cutting the shop keepers a little more slack these days but have to laugh at the five grand they wasted on a survey to fight LivingWightman.

Erm as someone who lives in Enfield we love the cycle lanes, they are getting busier and busier. Kids who would never have considered cycling to school are now doing so.

The changes on parking have been blown out of all proportion, as always businesses hugely over estimate how much of their business is by car.

The bus boarders are hugely popular with wheelchair users and families and are absolutely fine so not sure where you are getting your info from.

Even the anti cycling lobby have pretty much given up and decamped to Chiswick to fight their plans for a cycle lane..  

Well if people are getting off buses in the middle of cycle lanes, then of course people will avoid it. It’s no brainier once again. Doh

Grafton Street in Dublin was pedestrianised decades ago. Result: busy shops bars cafes and restaurants, a great steet atmosphere. I dont think anyone would say we want to have traffic again on Grafton St

Indeed, but an unintended consequence of pedestrianisation was to push up commercial rents, so that only big chain stores can afford them. Grafton St is now a clone of any British provincial High St and has lost its distinctiveness. This might have happened anyway, but pedestrianisation helped. But now that I think of it, this might be preferable to the monoculture that exists on Green Lanes.

Since there is no cycling on Grafton St, the nearest alternative for cyclists is Dawson St, where cyclists share rhe road with trams. Give me Green Lanes any day!

True to some extent but I remember in the 80s/early 90s before the big UK chains came in ( M and S destroyed what was then Brown THomas, Bewleys became Starbucks on westmoreland st, at least there is some uniqueness about grafton st left



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