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Cygnet Family Outing, Patient Mr Heron, Bloody Beer Can Trees....(and a can of White Truffles?)

On my way to Crouch End this morning, I saw the Wightman heron again. The other week he was on Wightman Castle (ahem). Today he was waiting patiently on the river bank.....and was still in exactly the same position on my return about an hour later).

On my way back I also saw this year's Harringay swan family sailing by (those kids look like thy have no idea that they'll be out on their ear next Spring!)

I also encountered one of my New River bugbears - beer can trees. If I have time when I walk past, I pull the cans off and stamp on them so they can't easily be re-hung (which is what happens if they're left uncrushed). Last time I did that, I thought that I should bring a bag with me and just pick the bloody things up.

As usual this time, I didn't think to bring a bag. There were also quite a few cans amongst the litter strewn all over as the grass has been recently cut (thanks for leaving it like that Thames Water). So, on my way back from Crouch End, I stopped at the last newsagent on Tottenham Lane and asked for a carrier bag so I could pick up some beer cans along the river. "Sorry", I said, "a bit of an unusual request". "No" the young lady replied, "it's a good thing you're doing", and she handed me three carrier bags. (So that went better than I thought it would). 

I picked up all the cans I saw, along with a couple of bottles, and de-decorated a beer can tree. I guess it added three or four minutes to my walk. Much to my surprise I filled all three bags - and subsequently a quarter of my small-size recycling bin. Now I probably won't make this a regular habit, but I will probably do it from time-to-time. I like that stretch of the New River Path. It makes a walk to Crouch End a pleasure. Imagine if a few of us got into the occasional habit ......

Oh yes, and those truffles? As I was picking cans off a tree overhanging the fence to the rail yard, I saw a small can sitting on the fence. Much to my surprise it was an unopened can of white truffles. That was an unexpected find!

I wont be eating it...but if anyone fancies a can of white truffles..........

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Kudos for you clear up, Hugh!

The heron has been a regular sighting recently, here it is on the other bank:

I think I've seen one - though possibly the same one - on the stretch of New River on the other side of Green Lanes going up to Seven Sisters Rd.

He seems pretty bold. Did he fly away as you passed by?

Yes he always flies away as you approach. Usually flies a bit further down the path or across to the other bank, and then I think back the original position once you're out of the way. 

This heron looks thin. Does it realise there are no fish in this river? 

Did the fish (br)exit Neil? Off to waters more welcoming.

Think you might be wrong about that, Neil 

Yes there are definitely still fish in the river. The river has been looking very murky for some reason recently though?

One of the five cygnets is no more though, sadly. I saw it's body on the bank a few days ago. I'm assuming a cat or fox got hold of it.

The river is murky because Thames Water are spending a fortune to reinforce the riverbanks nearby. A hundred heavy girders are being pushed into the ground to support the banks. 

This is happening on the other side of Ally Pally and near the Bounds Green Road. 

I thought the old banks were in good condition. Now I think that there is so much public money available in our country with this little known path getting a fortune spent on it. Thames Water must have got government grants to pay for it. 

They are rushing to finish the job as hundreds of bats are due to return to live in a river tunnel nearby. 


The footpath's existence is incidental to Thames Water's work to maintain the flow capacity of their waterway and stem any leaks for which they can be fined (it's still a significant part of their network). Thames Water of course is a private company so public money doesn't come into it.



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