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Thanks to everyone who came to last night's Friends of Harringay Passage meeting (next one in September, all welcome). During the meeting, the topic of street trees was raised and in particular damage being done to the older, uncaged trees by dogs. 

Peter mentioned that the problem had been identified on Umfreville and the LCSP had been asked by a resident to contact the council who then came and installed cages on the damaged trees. It is now happening to other, unprotected, trees notably in Burgoyne. 

If you notice that a tree is being used to "train" dogs, please alert the LCSP using this email lcsp@blueyonder.co.uk who will liaise with the council about action to stop it. You may wish to also alert your local councillor

While we on the topic of street trees, please "adopt" your nearest tree, especially if it's a new planting and keep it watered in hot weather. There are watering tubes at the bottom of the tree and your tree will appreciate a drink at the root. You can use 'grey water' to do this

Lots of useful information about street tree care can be found here at the Haringey Tree Wardens' site. 

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I keep finding that high sided lorries keep parking right up against young trees and broken branches off in Allison Road. I have started photographing them and putting notices on their windscreens.

That's a good idea. Also the Tree Wardens ask you to report any such damage to them on their contact page 

Clearly if you are a witness to it happening, the police are your first port of call. This advice is related to what to do if you notice the effects of it on your street trees but haven't got any evidence as to the perpetrators.

I clearly don't know anything about training dogs - what do they do to damage the trees?

The owners get them to rip at the bark with their claws and teeth and tear the bark off in strips. The idea is to strengthen jaws and claws and also to develop their aggressive tendencies so they can win in dogfighting contests. Not nice

Hi Charlotte - have a look at this post from a couple of weeks back for more information. Getting dogs to hang from branches (or breaking branches off to swing them about) as well as gnawing on the trunk is supposed to strengthen their jaws. 

Thank you. It hadn't even crossed my mind.  The world has gone mad or certainly some individuals have lost all common sense. Poor trees and poor dogs

We have had this trouble in Woodside Park, up the road from the ladder.  A 40 year old oak was stripped of its bark right the way around and a couple of others were severely gnawed at.  One way of stopping it is to make a stiff solution of vegetable oil and hot chilli pepper and smear it around the trunk.  We don't seem to have had any trouble since, touch...er, wood.

Ha. Excellent. I did wonder if there was something we can put on that would not harm the tree and put the dogs off having a go. Thanks for the heads up



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