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Hi there.

I would like to get some opinions and feedback with regards to interest in a dance/fitness studio in Turnpike Lane.

It would be on the first floor, with wheel chair, and buggy access; there is a lift and stairs.It would be a peaceful, comfortable, well designed space that is enjoyable to be in.

The centre would offer various fitness classes such as sculpt and tone, Zumba, holistic classes such as yoga and pilates, mother or father and baby classes, and children dance/drama classes.It would also have a cafe and social area.

I am keen to see what level of interest there would be?

What kind of classes you would like?

What prices you would pay?

Hope to get lots of feedback and comments.

Thank you!

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Sounds great  Any chance for adult ballet classes?

Sounds very good. I'd be interested in pilates or something like qigong.

...would be interested in funky dance classes for special needs 16-20.

I'm always looking for mirrored dance studios to use as rehearsal space.  There's a couple I use regularly but it would be good to have somewhere local.  I do tribal belly dance and know quite a few teachers who are always on the lookout for good reliable space for both weekly classes and one off workshops  

Hi Betty,

Have you tried Premier Fitness Club in Finsbury Park for studio rentals?

No I haven't - thanks for that.  Just a heads up for anyone with a dance studio to hire - I usually source places via this site - well worth listing yourself: London Dance Directory

Thanks to all of you for your comments so far. What do you think about the class prices?

Hi Sirin

I would really be keen to chat to you about this idea

Would you be willing to meet up?



We'd welcome it! Especially if there were dance classes for little ones that were't just ballet, like street jazz or tap. Really hard to find classes like that in this area!

Yes...I would love West African dance classes, although that requires live drumming so may not work with the 'peaceful' plan.  Also, dance for small children.  Any kind.  My boy can hardly hold himself back.

Sounds good, but the juxtaposition of buggy access and a peaceful, comfortable etc is a disconnect.

I have a (possibly dotty) idea that if we could get people regularly dancing its great fitness for the body but also the brain i.e. cognitive enhancement. Possibly safer than running on the streets or park and much more interactive. So as a more mature woman, I would love to see affordable (£6-8 a session and concessions for the usual groups). I think children are well catered for in the local area but there is the silver pound to consider too. Personally I have a yearning to learn Indian dancing so if anyone could point me in the right direction locally I would be very grateful



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