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Wondering if anyone from the contracting/freelance/interim community has contacted David Lammy about HMRC's proposal to have clients decide whether contractors are treated like independent contractors or 'employees' from April 2020?

The proposals follow the chaotic roll out of the changes in the public sector last year and would see private sector clients deciding whether the contractors they engage fall inside or outside IR35. Those deemed inside would be treated as if they were employees and have the same deductions as employees effectively garnished from their pay. Crucially, whilst they will have employee taxes and NI deducted from their pay as if they were employees they will not have any employmemt rights (ie. No pension contributions, no paid sick or annual leave). It risks effectively killing off the contracting workforce.

If you have already contacted David Lammy, what did he say?

If not, and you're part of the contractor community, it's time to let him know of your concerns so he can oppose the draft legislation before its introduced.

You can find out more here:


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