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David Lammy & Catherine West to vote against further bombing in Syria

Remember in 2003 when they were whipped into war despite a majority of their constituents being against? It cost Barbara Roche her seat.

See David Lammy's reasons (thanks CLP members!) here.

And Catherine West's twitter feed here.

Whatever you may think of the current Labour leadership, something being more democratic means that more people take part in the decision and this is a good thing because we get better decisions.

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If they can't beat the Kurds they'll just go back home.

Comments on the BBC article I mentioned earlier now number over 3300! That's a record. And who said the public are not engaged in politics ...

Voted for 397 against 223, so the jets and their bombs are on their way 

Ths best way to deal with fascists of a state death cult enjoying ...

* a landmass the size of England as well as oil wells
* billions of pounds in the bank
* use the most extreme torture they can find to kill vulnerable minorities and post them to you tube
* Kengis khan 'join us or all die' tactics.
* international terrorism with a desire to wipe the west from the face of the earth

Is to photoshop ducks heads on to their old photo's.



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