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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

from your raving correspondent, following yesterday's post

Day three of the CPO Inquiry at the Civic Centre. First David Lewis, commissioned by Grainger, 'heritage expert' who didn't think the Wards store is anything more than an ordinary old shop so not worth saving. Then Stephen Walker, of CBRE who has being doing the negotiations on behalf of Grainger to buy up all the property and evict tenants. Then Robert Fourt on questions of viability of the two rival schemes for Wards Corner. It's hard to find problems for Grainger with their £2.8billion of assets, but he had a go at our Community Plan. He missed so many points and got so much wrong that it was a pleasure to correct him, plus we have never revealed much about our sources of funding as it's not necessary.

Speaking of which - one of our major backers confirmed today that he has cash waiting for us to re-open our conversations with TFL re beginning our restoration scheme. And he's speaking to his finance people about making a big investment in our plan. A great boost when we are all rather exhausted by all this.

We've found that all these meetings are being livestreamed on the Haringey portal, and you can watch webcasts of it for several months ongoing.  They are not exactly riveting viewing as it's one static camera in the corner of the council chamber, but the sound is good and clear so it is riveting listening.  https://haringey.public-i.tv/core/portal/home, 

So you can watch the tennis with one half of your brain and listen to our discussions with the other half. 

Tomorrow, Dr Patria Roman-Valazquez from Latin Elephant. And a site visit in the afternoon.

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