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After recent discussions over the demise of the local bendy bus (29) with hot topics including fare dodging (!), we see below a very direct approach to dealing with such dodgers; 






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Fair enought too (although I know I'll get harangued for saying so). I understand the national debt has been halved since the no.29 went mainstream.


ps. usual caveats apply - not all is at it seems, not nice if the kid was hurt when he landed on the platform etc etc etc

And Malta's national debt has mysteriously skyrocketed....

Oh you wuss Osbawn. If you don't pay your taxes you go to jail. If you won't go do you think they just let you off? No, they blimmin well throw you in, just like that.

If you don't pay your fare you have to get off the train. If you won't get off is it just a case of sit there and hope  they leave you alone? I can play that game.

I haven't heard the word 'wuss' for years.

Actually, I do have some sympathy for people who've bought the wrong train ticket in good faith because the ticketing system on trains in complex and unduly punative (perhaps deliberately so). Fare dodgers on public transport are another story. However, i wouldn't recommend the direct action approach around here. You'd probably get abused, battered or stabbed while all the other passengers take pictures with their i-phones before nicking your wallet. And the blokes are worse.

The only place it is impossible to 'fair avaid is the National Express, loads of students that can afford the train hide in the loos, it's not a sign of the times, it just happens all over the world, someday they will be responsible parents like us?, I guess the ticket collector will equally get ticked off by the train co, they have a duty of care to adhere to, & Big guy used more than reasonable force

No, it doesn't happen all over the world.. or should I say to a much lesser extent..

All I'll say is have a conversation
with a ticket collector. I'm also now middle aged, and I remember the 90's till 2007 like it was yesterday, but
in Melbourne and Paris I've seen them jump straight over the turnstiles, in central London news papers are used to fool sensors at tube gates, there are usually students from New Street in Brum to London or Edinburgh who get cought out, it's part of being young and foolish and fedup, or trying it on, or just getting cought short, young people do live a subsistance lifestyle untill they gain employment.
Public transport is too expensive in the UK, staffing numbers are being pinched,
education costs have gone through the roof, it's not going to get better.
I'm not excusing fair evasion, but I do feel I understand situations studens can face, and the 80's policy of user pays  needs to be redressed. Ken had a go in his time, and talks about 'fares fair.' I've also heard how much this deeply upsets the working person paying vast amounts to commute from their homes.
You can always tell a governments
policy on their language: investment vs subsidy.  
The other scenario for everyone is do you get on the train in a deperate rush and rely on the understanding of the ticket collector at the other end, a greater problem where train frequency is low, who hasn't been there? 

I'm not excusing fair evasion

I think fair evasion's fair enough. And School Fair evasion's even fairer.

Roger Fife* I was caught going through the turnstile without a ticket on the new York subway (another story some other time) and arrested by two police officers. They took me to the special room to process me so i could be taken down to 'the tombs' (main holding station downtown Manhattan) but almost immediately let me go with a smile and a wave. Why ? because the arresting officer was also called James Walsh.

So the city pays .... round about three times as much then in 1/ The Policeman's time 2/ providing a hotel room for two nights with breakfast 'thrown in' 3/ transport to the police station.. whereas a fine would suffice..

It's all a question of priorities ..

I'm not sure the miserly Harringay Council Tax payers would consider that a good deal..

But if the knowledge that fare evasion could land you in jail deters 100 potential fare dodgers the economics might look a bit different ?

Jail doesn't work as a deterrent .. you are surely aware of that..  If it did, there would be no crime..



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