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Looks like I may have (another) slow puncture. I used to go to Kwik Fit in Crouch End as conveniently close. Does anyone know of local garages to recommend for tyre services?
(I know Kwik Fit have branches in Holloway & Hampstead, either of which I could get to if necessary). Thanks.

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I use Daytona Garage for everything as they are great.

Address: 98 Vale Rd, Harringay Warehouse District, London N4 1PZ
Monday 8:30am–6pm
Tuesday 8:30am–6pm
Wednesday 8:30am–6pm
Thursday 8:30am–6pm
Friday 8:30am–6pm
Saturday 8:30am–2pm
Sunday Closed
020 8800 9850

Thanks very much, really helpful.

You’re welcome - I’ve used them for around 8 years now and they’ve always been great and honest and never charging for unnecessary work

The tyres place at the top of Burgoyne Rd (SAN tyres, I think it's called ) is very good, and run by a really nice young man.

+1 for the Burgoyne Rd place. In my car-owning days I went here for a few tyre problems and always found them really helpful.

Thanks Maddy & Donna, will check this out.

+2 he's great .

+3 Highly recommend. I've been using them for a very long time and would never go anywhere else.

Thanks to all who recommended S a N garage in Burgoyne Road. I arrived there this morning with almost flat tyre, within 30 minutes had been repaired and all other tyre pressures checked. Got some helpful advice about when to change a couple of my tyres too. Great service, great value. I won't venture near a Kwik Fit again 



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